We Need Relief from the Political Crap in North Carolina

It’s really absurd how this entire North Carolina bathroom law is even a political issue. The North Carolina legislature decided that people would go to the bathroom corresponding to the one on their birth certificate. Opponents argued that its apparently discriminatory components prohibited transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice. As a result, businesses decided not to open new sites in North Carolina, concerts in the state were cancelled, and even state governments decided to stop official travel to the Tarheel State.

Supporters of this new bathroom law are saying the backlash is just a politically correct reaction and that their sentiments ignore common sense. They add that the law would maintain the level of comfort people already have when going into gender-segregated bathrooms. However, a Republican governor didn’t see what the fuss was all about. “I don’t believe it’s necessary,” South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said. Even “Macho man” Donald Trump says that transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom corresponding to their self-identified gender.

If men and women going to their respective bathrooms is common sense, why make a law at all? Conservatives lament the “nanny state” in which the government has to step in and solve everyone’s problems. Conservatives want individuals to be responsible for solving their own problems. Yet conservatives want the government to make them feel more comfortable by prohibiting transgender individuals from using the bathroom corresponding to their gender. Sure, there are people who fear that pedophiles will molest children if pedophiles can exploit a relaxed bathroom assignment policy. However, if male pedophiles are required to only use the men’s room, they can still use the same bathroom as young boys. If we are concerned about molestation, we need to think less about gender segregation and more about age segregation of bathrooms.

If someone has an issue with another person being in the wrong bathroom and making them uncomfortable, this person needs to advocate for themselves or suck it up. Moreover, many average Americans would identify a transgender individual with their gender identity not with their sex by birth. This is simply because many transgender Americans simply look like their self-identified gender. Additionally, the share of the transgender population is so small (about 0.2%-0.3%) that any issues regarding bathroom assignment are unlikely to emerge.

Everybody has to use the bathroom and relieve themselves. Why don’t we relieve ourselves of this political crap and use some common sense? We don’t need the government to micromanage our bathroom choices.


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