Trump Has Awakened A Dangerous American Machismo

Of the many factors that contributed to the election of Donald Trump, one of them was undoubtedly Trump’s exploitation of a growing sentiment among Baby Boomers and seniors that American society was becoming too sensitive.

While people on the right seem to acknowledge this by continuing to applaud Trump and his uniquely bizarre approach to presidential leadership and penchant for attacking virtually everyone with bombastic rhetoric on Twitter with comments like “I’m glad we have a president who isn’t politically correct!” and “He says it like it is.”

There is surprisingly little talk on the left about how the obsession with rooting out political and emotional sensitivity is extremely dangerous and is responsible in part for the Democrats’ catastrophic loss in 2016.

At the inception of Trump’s candidacy, the right had worked itself into a frenzy over “participation trophies,” “safe spaces,” and “trigger warnings.”

“Snowflake” and “whiney millennial” began being replaced in online political discussion with words like “cuck” and “beta male” — which show a much more hostile, viscerally negative reaction to non-conservative thinking and behavior (which begs the question, who are the real snowflakes so easily upset)?

It’s a social phenomenon I find disheartening. We are no longer at a point in our history where all our men must grow to be hardened warriors. I think it is far more important to care about others and to vocally object to their mistreatment than it is to know how to sand a table, build a deck, or shoot a deer.

It is time to embrace compassion and shout its value from the mountaintops.


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