Hello, all. Welcome to Greater Scheme Magazine online. We’re very excited about its potential in spreading new ideas and information around the world. The Internet is a great place, and we want to preserve the power of the Internet to inspire great change not to belittle others or to garner attention for attention’s sake.

This blog is about humanity, where it’s been, where it is now, and where it could be. We want to provide highly important information about the world to our readers in a manner that is neither condescending nor confounding. There is much to be said of periodicals such as The Economist in providing a worldly outlook on current affairs. However, this information is sadly lost on many. We want to bridge that gap.

I will be recruiting great and enthusiastic minds to help paint a picture of the world. A massive picture. We will have different opinions; that can be assured. However, we will all strive to understand the greater scheme of things. We will not write about reality TV; we will write about the reality that should be on TV.

Debate with us. Tell us what you believe should be discussed. Your support is greatly appreciated, and your constructive criticism even more so.

Thank you,
John Buterbaugh


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The bigger picture of a shrinking world.

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